I feel so free! The reason for this is due to changes in my work life and a relationship.

Finally I have a good combination and balance between my job and business. However long it takes for me to be in a position to leave my day job and focus on my business full time.. I’m ok with that.

I feel like life is all about becoming your best self so that you can have a positive impact on the world. I’m proud of myself because that’s definitely what I’ve tried to do. I help people everyday in my day job and I will help even more with my business as a life coach.

I’m feeling so proud of myself as I approach my 40th bday. For a long time I felt like I was far behind people that didn’t struggle with mental illness. Other friends had careers and marriages and I always felt like I was lagging behind. As I wrote my bio for my business I realize I’ve been working in the field of mental health for over 10 years! Where has the time gone? I have a career!

I mentioned feeling free in the beginning. A reason for that is I was recently engaged and decided to end that relationship. I just realized I was making far too many sacrifices and it would eventually have smothered me. What’s worse is that I was allowing myself to be smothered and was preparing myself to ignore all of my dreams to let him shine. Well I’m super grateful I realized all of this when I did as opposed to 10 years into the marriage! so proud of myself for choosing me. This is my time to shine!

Get people and things that are not contributing to your greater good out of your life. Make whatever changes you need to make so that you can shine. Don’t let anyone dim your light.

Have a lovely week,

Emelle Q


Full Circle Moments

So here’s the backstory. Over 15+ years ago I worked at a call centre and one of their campaigns was to enrol people for a travel rewards Visa card for a well known bank. I was a student at the time and would always say to myself “one day I’m going to have a travel rewards card like this, and I’m going to be in a place where I’m in a financial position to do some travelling. After I left that job I never thought about the travel rewards card again.

Fast forward 15+ years. I’m now a personal and business client with the very bank whose call centre I worked for. Not only that, the other day they offered to upgrade me to the very travel rewards visa card I used to try to enrol people with!

Then I remembered that I’m in the position that I used to dream about. I wanted to have a career…check… have my own business… check… be in a position to be able to travel…. check (went to Nigeria earlier this year)…. I love myself and I’m happy… check!

I think I’m doing pretty well if I do say so myself.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Many blessings,

Emelle Q

Transformational Life Coach!

Well after making reference to it a few times, I’ve decided to tell you what I was referring to in Opportunity of a Lifetime and On the Path to Greatness. I’m currently enrolled in a program to become a Transformational Life Coach!

Now for a bit of the  backstory. I’ve been toying with the idea for over 20 years. That’s when I first heard the term “life coach.” I didn’t know the ins and outs of what they did but the thought of it really appealed to me. For some reason I had it in my mind that my life had to be perfect in order for me to become one. I decided that I had to be at least 50 years old, because I wanted to have a certain level of maturity, and I had to be married with kids when I started. No one told me that this was necessary, but this is what I’d convinced myself in my own mind.

Fast forward, a to a few years ago. One of my good friends told me that one of her friends was studying to be a “transformational life coach” and that I should consider it because she thought I’d be good at it. I’d never heard the term with the word “transformational” on the front, but I was very intrigued. Again I brushed it off because of the rigid criteria I had set for myself. I thought I had to be married with children, and at least the age of 50.

Fast forward to 1 week ago. I was on a website and saw an add for a transformational life coaching program. At first, I kept scrolling past but something inside of me said “Mai, you’d better check it out.” So I did and the rest, as they say, is history! I loved everything I heard about the program! They connect you with mentors who have already established coaching businesses that have made multiple 6 figure incomes. They help you set up a  successful business structure including a website and a proven way of how to attract clients. I love the fact that in my call where they assessed whether I was a good fit for the program, they focused on things like whether or not I had a burning desire to help people… what my vision was for my life… if I wanted to change the world!! How beautiful is that?! The woman I spoke to really reminded me of a very close friend of mine. Everything just felt so familiar. She was warm and had such positive enthusiasm and energy. It was so infectious. She was so supportive and even though I had said no, at first, she still gave me some tips on how I could achieve some of the goals I’d outline for my life.

That whole weekend I couldn’t think of anything else. I researched the company and it’s founder. I checked it’s standing on the Better Business Bureau and read countless reviews. I watched many videos on youtube by the founder. Everything was so on point. I had this strong feeling in my heart and spirit that I had to do this now. Initially I said I would do it, but not until 2020. But my heart would not quit… I had to do it now! And so I did.

I’ve started doing the online lessons in the program. Usually I have difficulty with reading, focusing and concentration as they are side effects from my medication. But ever since I learned about this program, I’ve been able to focus like never before!

What I love about the program so far is, it’s a road map for me to achieve the life that I want on a number of different levels. A lot of the techniques and tools are extensions of things that I’ve already been applying in my life. Even suggestions on how to deal with the negative thoughts I experience from my anxiety.

I’m super excited about what the future holds for me. Even though my current job is not the perfect situation.. now that I’ve taken this step toward my future, it just makes it so much more bearable. Now everyday I’m taking conscious steps toward my future… no matter how small. Eventually all the small steps will turn into the big picture I’m aiming for. My dream will become reality!

Have a lovely weekend.

Many blessings,

Emelle Q

On the Path to Greatness

Well everything has changed since I wrote Opportunity of a Lifetime. I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest, and with each beat it was saying “the time is now.” This opportunity really resonated with my spirit and I just couldn’t think about anything else.

I decided to take the plunge.. to move outside of my comfort zone, and seize the opportunity, because that’s where real success lies. I embarked upon the opportunity. Since then everything has just being coming together in my life. So much synchronicity. I just have this deepened sense of clarity that I’ve never known before. So many things that happened in my life before this point finally makes sense.

I have an amazing, skilled and accomplished team that will be supporting me along the way. I have mentors that have already accomplished what I plan to achieve. They will show me ropes. I will have access to a proven system that practically guarantees success. Incredible! Once I launch everything I’ll fill you in on what it is.

God is so amazing and his timing is perfect. When I heard about this career path around 20 years ago, the timing was definitely wrong. My friend mentioned to me that I should consider it a few years ago but it seemed unattainable and I thought everything in my life needed to be perfect before I started. I’ve learned that there is never a time when everything in one’s life is perfect.. You just have to work with what you have sometimes.. go with it.

Even though I’m in the beginning stages I have this sense of fulfillment that I’ve never know. The trajectory of my passion and my career have finally intersected.. This is the stuff that destiniess are made of!

Have a blessed weekend!

Emelle Q

Opportunity of a Lifetime

I’m so torn right now. On the one hand I feel positive, hopeful, joyful, excited. I found the most amazing business opportunity that is the answer to many very specific prayers that I’ve made over my lifetime. On the other hand, I feel a little disappointed because the timing of this opportunity is not right.

My current job, in mental health, is very rewarding. I have an amazing manager who believes in me and is so supportive not to mention hilarious. He encourages me and really listens and tries to understand when I’m having challenges with my mental health. I have an amazing team made up of some really wonderful people that are extremely passionate about helping the clients that we serve. The benefits are good. Vacation is good. We have access to a lot of sick days. I believe in what the agency stands for. The problem.. The team I’m on, the way it’s structured, is very stressful. I feel so drained most of the time and have very little left to give at the end of the day. It’s very difficult to find the energy to work on projects, take a course, start a business, maintain a social life and strengthen relationships with family and friends, with the amount of stress from this position. Some of my married coworkers say they’re so drained at the end of the day that they don’t have the energy to play with their children or engage with their spouses. Maybe that’s ok with them but that’s completely unacceptable for me. The job is slowly, and literally, making me sick and tired. I’ve been battling depression and anxiety for a long time with this position. Initially I referred to it as “burnout” but was later told it’s depression and anxiety.

I learned of an amazing business certification program that not only will teach me a very valuable skill, but it will teach me how to successfully structure my business. Initially I thought the cost of the program would be what would deter me. The more I thought about it I realized that the timing was really the issue. Having my current job, planning a wedding and trying to do this business at the same time is just a recipe for disaster. I’ve tried to take on too much in the past and failed miserably!

So yes a program and certification program so perfectly suited for me is likely one that will only come around once in a lifetime. It encourages many of the values that I find important and hold dear. It will allow me to do the work I’m passionate about.. helping people. It will help build on what I already know. It has a proven track record. It has skilled and successful people that will mentor me. People that have already done what I am striving to achieve. People that can take me by the hand and lead the way. A system that could potentially be the mechanism for change I need to transform my life and lead me to financial and spiritual freedom.

I had to say no for right now because I really need to create more balance in my life.. especially work-life balance. I really need to get a job on a different team that has a different model. One that will foster more independence for me. One that will give me more autonomy and control over my work day. A team where I can have lengthier and more meaningful visits with clients. Where I can really get to know them, build more rapport and get a true sense of who they are and what their needs are.. so I can be more effective in helping them. Seems rather obvious no?

In the meantime what am I going to do to achieve my goals? Everyday I’m going to envision myself living the life I want. I’m very good at visualization.. Have been ever since I was a child. I have 2 vision boards and I will look at them daily. I have written a statement that I will read out loud everyday, twice a day, so that hopefully it will also filter into my subconscious.

Im bound and determined! Once I put my mind to something there’s no stopping me. So my saying no to it right now is not the end of my dream, it’s simply delayed. I’ve learned from another major thing in my life that sometimes a delay in something I really want, can end up so much sweeter in the end. When I mentioned what I would do to achieve my goals I probably should have started with prayer 🙂 God is at the centre of my life but I probably shouldn’t have assumed that you knew I would do that.

Have a wonderful week. Try to make positive change in the world people!

Many blessings,

Emelle Q