Mediocrity is Unacceptable to Me

So I don’t know if this makes me an ass, but I can’t stand when people settle for being mediocre. Like, I get that not everyone can master every area of their life, and some things take precedence over other things.. but I feel like everyone should, on the whole, be striving to be their best self! Is this too much to ask?!

One thing my grandmother always said to me was “that’s one thing about you, you never give up, you always keep going”.. She admired that quality in me and was proud of me. I’m by no means perfect and there are definitely some areas of my life that need a lot of work, but I’m always pushing forward in some area of my life. Always striving for more in some area.

I know people who year after year, their answer is always the same when I ask what’s new in their life.  The answer is always “nothing”. This frustrates me, saddens me and disappoints me all at the same time. I just want to yell “why is this acceptable to you?!?! Why don’t you want more for your life?!?!?”

I want to surround myself with people who are driven.. who are on their grind! I want to be amazed by the size and audacity of their dreams and accomplishments. This inspires me so much. I want to be around people that will not accept anything from me other than my very best in the way I treat myself and what I expect of myself. Is this asking for too much?.

One of the things that really drives me is, there are a number of reasons why I could not be alive right now.. Reasons why I quite easily should not be here right now. I had life saving surgery at 13. If I had lived in a poor nation the surgery would not have even been an option. I would not have survived. I attempted suicide twice but I’m still here. If that’s not a blessing I don’t know what is. There are a number of other things that are another story for another day. Also I’ve lost 3 friends to murder over the years. Two of them were in their teens. I think wow, they never even made it this far. What right do I have to squander the life that I have?. I feel like it’s an insult to the lives that were lost if I don’t make the best of the life I’ve been blessed with.

Every birthday, I’m not like others who complain about getting older. I’m like “I’m blessed with yet ANOTHER year?! Thank you God I’m so humbled.” I guess it does help that I look much younger than I am lol. I guess that’s the icing on the cake πŸ™‚

So pick some area of your life. Big or small. Set some goals, long and short term. Keep pushing yourself ahead. Be on you GRIND (do people even say that anymore?.. I’m often behind the times.. I still have a CD player lol).

Peace & Blessings

Emelle Q



Opportunity of a Lifetime

I’m so torn right now. On the one hand I feel positive, hopeful, joyful, excited. I found the most amazing business opportunity that is the answer to many very specific prayers that I’ve made over my lifetime. On the other hand, I feel a little disappointed because the timing of this opportunity is not right.

My current job, in mental health, is very rewarding. I have an amazing manager who believes in me and is so supportive not to mention hilarious. He encourages me and really listens and tries to understand when I’m having challenges with my mental health. I have an amazing team made up of some really wonderful people that are extremely passionate about helping the clients that we serve. The benefits are good. Vacation is good. We have access to a lot of sick days. I believe in what the agency stands for. The problem.. The team I’m on, the way it’s structured, is very stressful. I feel so drained most of the time and have very little left to give at the end of the day. It’s very difficult to find the energy to work on projects, take a course, start a business, maintain a social life and strengthen relationships with family and friends, with the amount of stress from this position. Some of my married coworkers say they’re so drained at the end of the day that they don’t have the energy to play with their children or engage with their spouses. Maybe that’s ok with them but that’s completely unacceptable for me. The job is slowly, and literally, making me sick and tired. I’ve been battling depression and anxiety for a long time with this position. Initially I referred to it as “burnout” but was later told it’s depression and anxiety.

I learned of an amazing business certification program that not only will teach me a very valuable skill, but it will teach me how to successfully structure my business. Initially I thought the cost of the program would be what would deter me. The more I thought about it I realized that the timing was really the issue. Having my current job, planning a wedding and trying to do this business at the same time is just a recipe for disaster. I’ve tried to take on too much in the past and failed miserably!

So yes a program and certification program so perfectly suited for me is likely one that will only come around once in a lifetime. It encourages many of the values that I find important and hold dear. It will allow me to do the work I’m passionate about.. helping people. It will help build on what I already know. It has a proven track record. It has skilled and successful people that will mentor me. People that have already done what I am striving to achieve. People that can take me by the hand and lead the way. A system that could potentially be the mechanism for change I need to transform my life and lead me to financial and spiritual freedom.

I had to say no for right now because I really need to create more balance in my life.. especially work-life balance. I really need to get a job on a different team that has a different model. One that will foster more independence for me. One that will give me more autonomy and control over my work day. A team where I can have lengthier and more meaningful visits with clients. Where I can really get to know them, build more rapport and get a true sense of who they are and what their needs are.. so I can be more effective in helping them. Seems rather obvious no?

In the meantime what am I going to do to achieve my goals? Everyday I’m going to envision myself living the life I want. I’m very good at visualization.. Have been ever since I was a child. I have 2 vision boards and I will look at them daily. I have written a statement that I will read out loud everyday, twice a day, so that hopefully it will also filter into my subconscious.

Im bound and determined! Once I put my mind to something there’s no stopping me. So my saying no to it right now is not the end of my dream, it’s simply delayed. I’ve learned from another major thing in my life that sometimes a delay in something I really want, can end up so much sweeter in the end. When I mentioned what I would do to achieve my goals I probably should have started with prayer πŸ™‚ God is at the centre of my life but I probably shouldn’t have assumed that you knew I would do that.

Have a wonderful week. Try to make positive change in the world people!

Many blessings,

Emelle Q

Happy New Year

Well it’s the last day of the year! Tomorrow is a time for new beginnings! I’m a fan of starting things on the first of the week, month etc. So being able to put some new things in place (and continue some old things) on the first of the year is big to me.

I’m definitely focussing a lot on positivity this year. Making sure that I keep a positive mindset and that I surround myself with positive, warm, loving, encouraging and supportive people. Making sure I remain positive is key because that affects how I see the world and operate in it. It affects how I experience things and the decisions that I make.

Since the beginning of 2017 I recognized that the first chapter of my life was ending and a new one was beginning. One where I would not be struggling with the same kind of pain as in the past. That has totally proven to be true. I have a new relationship with God and I have never truly put Him at the centre of my life as I am now. That has led to a lot of positive and even miraculous changes in my life. Some of which I will speak more about in the future πŸ™‚

More reading, watching informative videos and soaking up knowledge are some things I want to focus on. Exercising consistently and paying better attention to my diet. One of my goals is to not drink any pop for all of 2018. For those of you who know me, you know that this is an addiction of mine so it will take a lot of determination and focus. Making time each morning (very early each morning!) to have time with God in prayer has definitely proven to be a very positive and powerful thing in my life and I plan to continue doing that. Also just to continue to love and give freely. That is a huge part of who I am, but a part that I’ve often felt I needed to hold back on because of the state of the world.. being taken advantage of etc. Someone told me that in that area we really need to rely on God to direct us.  I will do that.

So I hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful 2018! That you make some positive changes and keep that forward momentum going. That you forgive yourself for the goals you may not have attained in 2017. I hope you have learned some lessons throughout the year. I hope your year is filled with love, hope, faith, happiness, joy, good health and fun. Be kind to one another. Love one another. You never know what load someone else might be carrying and how much a kind word or warm smile might greatly impact them. Smiles cost you nothing.

All the best in 2018!!

Emelle Q πŸ™‚